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MKOR spoke during the Vector show. Through our colleague, Corina Cimpoca , about some topics of interest both for entrepreneurs. But also for the Business Development, Marketing or Sales departments of large companies. In this interview. Corina also revealed some business secrets that formed the foundation of the MKOR brand. And that could help you, whether you are at the beginning of the road or you are already a well-known name in the industry.

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Importance and Impact of Market Research As much as we like to believe that market research is a vital element for a business, in reality the importance of a Belarus WhatsApp Number market research is justified depending on the type of company. Corina explains in the show what kind of business such a study should consider. In addition, our colleague also talks about how MKOR responds to requests that are not suitable for such a study: what do you recommend, what advice do you offer to those who do not necessarily need or do not have a budget for a market study? Corina also says that market research is ideal.

Importance and Impact of Market Research

Belarus WhatsApp Number
Belarus WhatsApp Number

For a business that is already stable. It has a cash flow, and it knows what to expect [from the future]. For a business that already has a number of clear operations, a market study can be extremely helpful. The importance and benefits of such a study are described by our colleague in the interview, supporting the statements with their own examples from the projects of the MKOR portfolio. research-romania-fintech-transfergo Competitive advantage of competition analysis Below.

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