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Education, but also introducing recycling education to the vast number of users. “Recycling encyclopedia” includes 101 garbage databases that must understand. It integrates recycling industry, infographic design experts and public opinions. It took more than a year of research and development to find the best solution to recycling general principles. During the process, re-think made a questionnaire for knowledge recovery, and managed to collect 2,000 copies. With the support of , after the questionnaire was widely distributed to app users, 37,000 questionnaires were immediately collected. Make the investigation more real and powerful, and make “Recycling encyclopedia” closer to people’s actual life. The largest recycling literacy survey ever found: 76.4% of the public said they valued

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environmental protection, while 91.8% said they had the habit of recycling resources. Among ,and food waste recycling methods. In this regard, re-think, which is good at delivering environmental education through design thinking, has also started planning. It will combine the 108 syllabus of the ministry of education to design a recycling interactive experience course for Morocco Phone Number young students, and go to the campus to give students a compulsory recycling course. Huang admitted that recycling is a very “Offline” thing: “More than 70% of the people are standing in front of the trash before thinking about how to throw it away.” therefore, the launch of the “Encyclopedia of recycling” website is only the first milestone,

convenience and environmental appeal. Image3 photo credit: re-think image6 photo credit: brand studio re-think “Recycling encyclopedia” website launch press conference image5 photo credit: brand studio from left: , senior public affairs manager of co., ltd., , executive secretary of the environmental protection agency resource recovery management foundation management committee, executive yuan, , co-founder and of re-think, bank government pan , director of general affairs and public affairs, , executive director of culture and art foundation leading consumers to rethink – cooperates with re-think to implement the 2021 “Waste-free life” plan it is a long and difficult process to change the environment, so it is even more necessary to continue to try multiple ways and cooperate with different roles. In fact, since 2019, has launched the service of “Consumers can choose

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