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Can do this with SEO PowerSuite’s Rank Tracker by simply starting a project for your site. The tool will track 15 Google SERP features, as well as organic results. The Google SERP Features column will show you all the features triggered by your keywords, with the ones you rank highlighted in green. Additionally. You can measure day-to-day SERP Feature volatility under the SERP Analysis tab . Based on this data, analyze the opportunities presented by SERP features.

Can you sneak into the local pack? Can you get a code snippet for this query. How about a Knowledge Graph panel? Which brings us directly to the next point: 2. Structured Data Structured Macedonia Phone Number data is a way of formatting HTML that uses specific vocabulary. Telling search engines how to interpret content – ​​and how to display it in SERPs. Structured data never officially confirmed by Google is a ranking signal – and by itself, it probably isn’t. Why bother then?

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Data allows you to enhance your search listings in several ways: Think Knowledge Graph panels and rich snippets. The latter can increase the CTR (click-through rate) of your ads by 30%. Several real experiments show that an increase in clicks improves rankings. With search results becoming more and more diverse. You can’t ignore the opportunity to stand out. In fact, you better do it now. Before a competitor does. What can you do there? Go on and do it, really. There are several structured data formats, but most SEOs stick with Schema.org.

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Schema for SEO is a good place to start. Once you’ve implemented the markup, check to see if any rich snippets are showing up for your site with the rank tracker mentioned above. 3. Survival of the fastest The speed is great. Not only is it a ranking signal; it is a major UX factor. UX, in turn, impacts rankings. It’s kind of a loop! But how fast is it, exactly. Google expects pages to load in less than three seconds . Here’s what you can do to make it happen. What can you do there? First, take Google’s page speed test. The test is integrated with WebSite

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