Its Interface Is Very Simple

Vimeo is a platform specialized in online video that competes with YouTube. However, with the popularity of the competition, he began to focus on creative and high-quality content.

Today, Vimeo gathers a more critical and segmented

audience. Therefore, it may be worth it if your focus is on the quality of the video and not so much on going viral.

Platforms for Wibinars

It’s an option for when you want to stream a conference

live or speak to your audience. You can interact and take your questions in real time.

WebinarJam  and  GoToWebinar  (paid) are examples of webinar platforms, which also offer good applications for mobile users.

Audience and engagement: who sees and engages with your videos?

Video mobile is all about consumer behavior. Therefore, to

understand how your strategy works and optimize it, it is necessary to consider the responses that the user gives to your content.

The data on the videos is divided into indicators

of  content consumption  (such as number of views or minutes watched) and  engagement  (such as shares and comments).

These indicators must also be crossed with the information of the public profile of each platform, such as its source channel or device used.

For example: when crossing the data, you can notice that whoever accesses your YouTube videos from the mobile sees them halfway, while on TV they go to the end. This shows, perhaps, that your content is too long for mobile.

With this audience and engagement data, as well as the crossover between them, you can know exactly who is engaging with your videos and optimize your strategy to meet your audience.

5 video content ideas to produce

The mobile is not the same as the TV or the computer. So as soon as you produce your mobile video, you need to think about the device, the screen format, and the context of the user viewing the content on their smartphone.

Take a look at that, and then take a look at some video suggestions that work well on mobile:

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