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Getting these people online for the first time won’t be easy. but everyone understands that the key to doing so is increasing smartphone penetration. According to figures from Statista. smartphone penetration in India (last year’s data) is 41.9 percent. and is expected to grow to 52 percent by 2025. In people. this is about 120 million. There. and in the rest of the Indian population. the remaining 48 percent. is the market where Google and Reliance Jio see a huge opportunity. Google has long been willing to invest in India. In fact. it does so as part of a “Digitalization Fund for India” that has already contributed more than US$10 billion. A full 50 percent of that amount went directly to securing a 7 percent stake in Reliance Jio.

The so-called “JioPhone Next”. The device will run a light version of Android. offering apps from both Jio and Google. and will be priced no more than $50. The JioPhone Next will be a new version of the first JioPhone. presented in 2017. without the participation of Google. The device was sold for around US$20 and was a success. reaching 100 million Indians. Reliance’s (and Google’s) bet is to sell the new phones to the 80 million JioPhone users who end their contract in the next two years. The idea is to be able to entice those customers to upgrade. Analysts see that the bet is risky for Google. since if it does not work out. the brand will be linked to a failed tech in a market where competition between multinationals is fierce.

Why Would It Go Wrong?

The biggest problem is that Indian networks are still Morocco phone number from ready for the gigantic data demand that would mean that millions of people will stop using their JioPhones only for SMS and start using their JioPhone Next for surfing the web. Without the necessary infrastructure behind it. the experience of using smartphones can be frustrating and it will not be a good way to link the “google brand” to a market that you want to conquer. The new Indians to be connected to are people who have never used a PC or the Internet. who have never used a mouse or applications. It will be his debut in the use of technologies that have been widespread in most of the West for more than 20 years.

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On the other hand. Google doesn’t want to pass up the chance to win market share in a smartphone space Xiaomi and China’s Vivo. Which aren’t expecting to give up their stake without a fight. It’s quite a challenge. More than 300 million people depend solely on 2G communication. For their mobile needs and do not have the financial. Capacity to switch to a new device with a higher price plan. The intention of using this channel is to couple our message to the platform. So that significant benefits can be obtained and boost audience response.  The new collaboration between J Balvin and Metallica leaves much. To be desired for social network users. but it is a victory for the song.

The Recent Collaboration Between

One of the most recognized reggaeton artists J Balvin and the iconic band Metallica have released their new single. However. it is not being well received by users on social networks who show what they think. For several years now. The urban genre “ reggaeton ” has been giving a lot to talk about due to its presence in the market. Statista shows us the 10 most viewed videos on YouTube during the first half of 2019. A period where songs like “Con Calma”. “Secreto” and “Con Altura” were in the first places over international artists like Ariana Grande and the Korean outfit BTS. According to the Spotify news site. News Room . J Balvin was the third most listened to artist globally during 2020.

Becoming the most played Colombian on the platform that year. This merit is mainly due to his album “Colores”. which despite having been presented in times of pandemic. This did not present complications for him to achieve such a feat. According to Rolling Stone magazine and its list of the best groups in the history of Rock presented in 2019. Metallica is in the 25th place. Different media report on the importance of this group in the Rock industry.

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