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Contests as page boosters At a tourist level and to boost both pages and Social Networks. we leave you with this contest as an example of interaction between tourists and their destination. This is the case of the Region of Murcia. Where they invite us to “share our happiness”. Tourism and bloggers travel hand in hand. Every day more marketing campaigns rely on digital influencers (bloggers. videobloggers. instabloggers…) and at Easter we will see many examples (although it is not always said. many bloggers are paid or invited to visit a certain destination). But about this digital marketing trend. several questions must be asked. How to select the right bloggers? It is said that the numbers on the internet can be deceiving…

Although if the important KPIs are really studied. this is not the case. Steps to follow To establish objectives Do you intend to get traffic/positioning on your website. visibility of an event on social networks. experience articles. promotion of a certain product/service…? Depending on what your goals are. the influencers you need will be of one profile or another. Determine the target It is essential that the selected influencers have our same target audience . What use are their 100.000 followers if they are teenagers and our brand is aimed at a target of 30-35 years? Interaction level Once this filter is done. we must look at the level of interaction with its community . Ok. he has 30 thousand followers on instagram.

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He only gets an average of 70 likes per Japan phone number  and two comments. Something doesn’t add up… yes folks. a lot of people buy followers. With which it is necessary to check if their figures correspond to reality or not. communicative style of the blogger It is possible that it reaches our public. its level of interaction is high and even then it is not the most appropriate to make our brand known. Because if your style is totally opposite to what we intend to convey… it is not a relationship to consider. Well. we have already defined the first steps. and now what? When contacting the chosen influencers. it is important to indicate that we know their work and value it.

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It will facilitate the negotiation. Then… an invitation to an event. trip. or promoted posts will not be the same… nor will you pay them for their work or just in exchange for the experience. All these variables have to be studied to ask for one thing or another (tweets. photos on instagram. on facebook. blog post with a link to your website…). Last Sunday was Valentine’s Day. a day full of love. But also a lot of marketing. That is why we take the opportunity to make a compilation of the 5 best Valentine’s campaigns. WILKINSON Sometimes what seems to us the most crazy. ends up being a set of similarities. The Wilkinson blade brand invites men to shave so they can kiss their partner without pricking them.

With A Photocall Of A Chin

And rose stems all over it. they achieved the effect of a small beard that diminished as the men picked flowers for their partners. A campaign to which we give a 10 and that is full of sympathy. FUNNY FLOWERS DO THAT The decoration shop “Funny Flowers Do That” decided to visit Paris on the night of February 13 to hand out small fire extinguishers with roses inside. which can be used in case of an emergency for love at first sight. Details that surprise and more in such crowded places. that attract attention and make anyone who gets to see them fall in love. NEUROLOGICAL FOUNDATION OF NEW ZEALAND “I thought I loved you with all my heart. But true love comes from a chemical response in the brain.” With this slogan. DraftFCB Auckland.

Gives us this reflection that is so accurate both for the day and for the Foundation to which it is intended. Neurological Foundation of New Zealand Valentine’s Campaign PANDORA All campaigns have. even if the percentage is very small. based on a true story. On this occasion. Pandora decided to choose a completely true one. Andrés. after 3 years of courtship. decides to propose to his partner in the most striking way that could be in his hands; so together with Pandora they decided to record the Andrés of the future. project it before thousands of people on the external screens of the Capitol cinemas (Madrid) and fulfill his dream right there. You will have to see the end in first person…

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