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As mentioned above, social media users.  Love video content produced by brands, and they often  .Rely on it when shopping for various things. According to  Macedonia Phone Number List reports, 74% of consumers make . Purchasing decisions based on brand social media posts. That’s why creating  Macedonia Phone Number List product videos is a . Great way to increase awareness of your brand and what it has to offer.

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The great thing about pr oduct videos is that most of the time they are not considered ads. So, for example, a casual social media post with a video showcasing your  Macedonia Phone Number List product (or product feature) will attract the public’s attention to your brand more organically  Macedonia Phone Number List than a PPC ad. At the same time, product showcases or announcements will help you build awareness  Macedonia Phone Number List and hype around the new release.

Most Social Networks Today

Live video is perfect whenever you want your brand to be . Transparent and open to customers. It does mean a lot of spontaneity.  And improvisation because you don’t have the .  Opportunity to edit recorded footage  . Before it goes live, but that’s  . What makes live video so  Macedonia Phone Number List popular. Most social networks today integrate live streaming services (e.g. YouTube Live , Instagram Live, etc.) .  So you don’t need to worry about how to deliver your  Macedonia Phone Number List video directly to your viewers. As for the content itself, you’re free to get creative: conduct live interviews with thought leaders, stream videos of events, give your followers Macedonia Phone Number List  a peek behind the scenes, and more.Believe it or not, many people today get their news from social media rather than news channels or websites like CNN. So, whether you want to share company news or give your opinion on the latest events or Macedonia Phone Number List

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