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The number of clients to whom we recommend having a presence on it also increases (if your target is also there – and this on Instagram encompasses more and more segments of society). And now there’s no need to go through that tedious process of logging in. posting photo. logging out. logging in (different profile). posting photo. logging out. logging in (different profile)… and then repeating the process to respond to comments or labeled. Tired just thinking about it. right? Log in to Instagram. post photo. log out. log in… tiresome result just thinking about it. Steps to proceed to multiple account management on Instagram Install the latest update.

It will appear in our mobile notifications: Apple / Play Store… “The 7.15 update is available for iOS and Android”. It is obvious. but log in with one of our profiles. We go to “options” and just below the “Information” section “add account” will appear. we select the option and it will ask us for the username and password. With these three simple steps (the 3rd must be repeated with all the accounts that we want to add. of course) we will be able to manage different Instagram profiles without continuously entering and exiting. Instagram now allows you to manage multiple accounts without logging out.

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Profile we will see an icon with the photo of the Malaysia phone number we are managing. click on it and we can now select the profile we want to use. “Twitter mode.” What do you think? Has the news made your week as happy as it has us? Traditionally. marketing focused on reaching as many people as possible (not just the target we are targeting). through traditional media (radio. press. television…). An obsolete and hardly measurable model. Also. the public does not like invasive advertising. You are tired of advertisements interrupting your leisure time. In this way. he does not pay attention and the message is not transmitted correctly. A good example is television and zapping. People change channels because they don’t want to see ads. What is Inbound Marketing? A twist to traditional marketing.

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Also known as attraction marketing . It consists of getting users. and your future clients. to find you (unlike advertising. which is intrusive and “appears without being called”). The basis of this marketing technique focuses mainly on generating content that interests users. How does Inbound Marketing work? Since its central axis is content. it is very important to establish a content strategy . And for this we must know our target and his interests. However. in digital marketing. it is not enough. We have to limit our strategy to a niche as specific as possible. Well. the competition is of such caliber that positioning yourself in generic terms is complicated. The conversion is more feasible if you discover how you are different and try to appear before the public that really cares.

By Creating Content

And once their attention is captured. we can naturally guide them to the desired conversion (lead generation. sales. contracting your services…). This is where SEO comes into play… let’s take an example. “women’s shoes” could be a very generic search and your store would compete with the big national and international brands. But “quality women’s shoes” is somewhat more specific and addresses a more defined target. This is one of the keys to SEO and current E-commerce . Amazon is the great example and benchmark of this strategy. Remembering the summer hurts. we know. but it is inevitable to do so after having experienced Ribadeo Indiano . And it was there that going back in time and reliving the 20th century was possible; a place where the indianos were the protagonists with their traditions.

Clothing and gastronomy. Throughout the three days that the festival lasted (July 10. 11 and 12) we enjoyed theatrical performances. concerts. musical tours. a market with overseas and Indian products. knowing what an Indian house was like and a lot of activities. more than. without a doubt. they have become another unforgettable experience for Pekecha . Ribadeo Indiano 2015 It is always a pleasure to see the people involved in a project . in this case. an entire town such as Ribadeo December begins and with it comes the Christmas spirit. lights. carols and original ideas to surprise the people we love with their most anticipated gift. We made our top 5 of the best Christmas campaigns .

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