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For example, the assortment policy of Cambodia Phone Number distributors involved the formation of their own assortment matrices. The inclusion in the price list and the Cambodia Phone Number offer of retail products and brands. The promotion and distribution of which they did not plan to engage in. And even paid for the deliver goods were not regularly expect. Interested in the circulation of goods of one of the Cambodia Phone Number brands, the distributor donated goods of other brands and did not reinvest all the funds earned from their sale in the development or in the purchase of new batches of this product, but threw it into the purchase of goods that were beneficial to him, in fact, simply parasitizing on all brands and their goods.

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Today, say, in FMCG, only those distributors Cambodia Phone Number who left have survived: in Internet commerce; in own production; to manage their own retail brands; received the status of an official distributor of one brand in the territory allocated by the manufacturer, and existing under the strict administrative control of the manufacturer; created their own retail network; received, by one trick or Cambodia Phone Number another, control over their profile product category in retail chains Fight for the shelf but against the supplier For many decades, a territorial (regional) distributor, being in the region or working out an industry market segment, tried to Cambodia Phone Number ensure, first of all, its market presence – competition for the consumer and retail, for shelves and for indicators of qualitative and quantitative distribution – all this was the goal of the distribution .

Cambodia Phone Number

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The ability to do this well explained its Cambodia Phone Number necessity for this market. On the altar of market presence, at any cost, were placed: profitability of sales; all price levels and price policies of manufacturers were ignored; ignoring contractual obligations and the Cambodia Phone Number whole range of relationships with suppliers; the same thing with transport workers – as a result, the distribution company acquired its own vehicles; even receiving funds from the manufacturer to promote the brand in the region, the Cambodia Phone Number distributor, one way or another, used them to promote himself (by associating himself with the brand, he launched a campaign on his own behalf);

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