Infodemia Covid-19: Spreading Phenomenon Fake News the Pandemic

The phenomenon of fake news has always been a problem of mass media sources, especially in the online environment. However, with the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, it has taken on unprecedented proportions. Thus, we decided to Argentina WhatsApp Number address the topic of fake news during the COVID-19 pandemic and to detail the most widespread misinformation related to viruses. Treatments and vaccines. Based on these aspects. We set out to highlight the harmful effects that this phenomenon has on society and beyond. The second objective of this article is also to identify.

What Is Fake News ?

The most effective ways to recognize and stop the spread of misinformation . Content What is fake news ? Broadly speaking, fake news refers to that false information (in whole or in part) published and promoted as true . Although the term used to identify. This phenomenon appeared relatively recently. Erroneous information has always been spread in society. The best known examples being that of propaganda. If in the past totalitarian regimes practiced propaganda by controlling the traditional media (newspapers, radio, TV), today technology has reversed roles. Thus, the individual was put in the position of creating. Distributing and promoting information (including false information).

How the First Modern Pandemic

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Argentina WhatsApp Number

Then This seen from two completely different perspectives. Modern technology has decentralized the power of the media and provided. The opportunity for each individual to express his or her views publicly. Alongside his or her peers. the greater. The access to information, the more difficult. It is to distinguish between true information, supported by scientific arguments, and information without a real basis. Thus, for a large part of the world’s population, it is difficult to sift through this huge wave of data with which it comes into daily contact to choose only what is true.

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