Importance Research Quality for Developed Sustainable the Year 2020

Quality methods are easier to apply and sometimes even more affordable because they do not require a large sample. Marketers and entrepreneurs can use Germany WhatsApp Number qualitative research. Methods to conduct market research. From which they can obtain information. Relevant to business development. Below we present a series of advantages and benefits for which you could implement in-house quality research. And if you have questions about how research can help your business.

Why Qualitative Research?

Do not hesitate to write to us . * this article received an update to better present the existing qualitative research methods in 2020. Content quoted malinowski Qualitative research. From the beginning to the present. When ethnographer Bronislaw Malinowski. Decided to spend almost two years studying and with the tribes. Of the Trobriand Islands , he did not know that the new methodology.  The new methodology proposed by Malinowski involved the travel of the researcher in the field, discussions with subjects, which later became in-depth interviews , careful observation of lifestyle, or more precisely, participatory observation.

Qualitative Research From the Beginning to the Present

Germany WhatsApp Number
Germany WhatsApp Number

From the first research of Malinowski until now. Then The concept of qualitative research and specific methods. Have been developed and refined. So that they can be used successfully. In the field of marketing. Next we will talk about what you can find out through. This type of research as well as about the various types of qualitative research that we develop within our agency. What you can learn new through qualitative research Qualitative marketing research involves an inductive process, used especially in the exploratory stage of a study, to identify the motivations, attitudes and opinions of the final consumer of a product or service.

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