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Is increasing and becoming more relevant. This has caused more people to resort to platforms that allow them to obtain detailed information about their views, clicks, length of stay, among other statistics to achieve better content and refine details that drive the growth of our pages; If you have a digital medium or belong to a digital marketing agency , you need to know Google Analytics , but what is it for? Statista shows us in its study carried out from 2005 to 2019 that the number of internet users in the world has grown exponentially over the years, during each of these approximately 20% more users are seen than each previous year. The graph shown on the number of internet users in Latin America (study by Statista ) reports that Mexico registered a total of 92.02 million people who had internet access in January.

These figures show us that we must maintain record control over user activity on our websites, so we must have the help of technological tools, in this case, Google Analytics . What is Google Analytics? Idento tells us that Google Analytics is an online data analytics platform that is provided free of charge and paid for by Google . This manages to collect information and analyze the visits of users who visit our website or a mobile application, their behavior and allows us to see their record in the form of reports. In the same way, they report that Google Analytics is used by millions of companies and webmasters in the world thanks to its free version whose functionality is sufficient for most businesses.

Its Commercial Version

Has its functionality contemplated for larger organizations Albania phone number  What can be learned from the analysis of the behavior of the visitors of a site? How does Google Analytics work? The Full Web site tells us a little more about what Google Analytics is for . This platform makes use of “Cookies”, which are fragments of Javascript code that allow web pages to have data on the activity that users have carried out within our web page or application. That is why when entering some web pages you are notified that they will use them to improve your browsing experience. Once the cookie data is collected, it is sent to our Google Analytics account . The platform takes and regroups all the data obtained and shows it to us through reports. To make use of Google Analytics you must register an account.Albania phone number

For this you can access the Google support page that has the steps to follow. And an explanatory video so you can register your site within Google Analytics . What information can we measure on the platform? Idento comments that with the use of Google Analytics we can measure. Interactions with our websites and mobile applications, for example. It allows us to know if our visits come through advertising campaigns. SEO positioning , direct, through a link from another portal, browser, operating system and geographic origin. Multidomain measurement, that is, when the user stops by several portals Purchases registered on the website or application with your order number, product, shipping costs, amounts, conversions, etc.

Google Ads Campaigns

How many times the page search engine has been used. Number of interactions on elements within the page, for example buttons. Forms, links, document downloads, etc. Number of users, view time per user, session data and bounce rate. The number of visits in real time What is Google Analytics for in Digital Marketing? In order to really see benefits with the use of this platform. It is not enough to integrate Google Analytics to our site. It will be useless to see the data presented if we do not carry out strategies based on them. SEOptimer comments through its website that this is a fundamental tool to take. Into account the path of our digital marketing , SEM or SEO strategy. Since it is a guide to know what users are most looking for on our website.

Thanks to the knowledge that we will have about this, we can make the best strategic decisions. In our business and avoid mistakes that we have previously experienced. In other words, if we see that our news site receives a greater number. Of users in our lifestyle section, thanks to Analytics we will know. That generating more content in this category could increase our level of views. Google analytics tools Image: Bigstock Differences between its free version. And the paid version DigitalGrill comments on some differences. That we can find between Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360 , among which the following stand out. The volume of traffic on the site: The free version allows 10 million hits per month. While its paid version allows 1 billion hits.

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