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Good old online advertising is Croatia Phone Number List still on the rise. But more and more companies are concluding that.  Relying on the classic positioning method alone is not cost-effective in terms of investment. After all, the best ROI is usually Croatia Phone Number List achieved when showing ads to “enthusiastic” customers (that is, people who are already familiar with your brand). Let’s face it, not all customers who see your ad or visit your Croatia Phone Number List business website are ready to buy your product or service right away.

However, scoring every visit your website

In fact, only 3% of consumers end up buying Croatia Phone Number List a product on their first visit. The rest just come and go without regard for your offer. Most users will visit your website out of curiosity or to check prices, without a clear Croatia Phone Number List purchase intent. However, scoring every visit your website actually increases your chances of converting, although it may happen later. This is thanks to a technique called “remarketing”. What is Croatia Phone Number List remarketing? Remarketing is a strategy that allows you to show display ads directly to people who have already interacted with your

When launching a re marketing campaign, your target audience

Business. With this technique, you can easily Croatia Phone Number List get in front of potential customers who have already visited your Croatia Phone Number List website, whether or not they have already purchased a product or service. Just like traditional display advertising, remarketing is pay-per-click. This means that every time someone Croatia Phone Number List clicks on their ad, the advertiser pays a flat rate. Remarketing allows you to reach out to potential customers repeatedly, reminding them about your offers. When launching a remarketing campaign, your target audience is people who initially showed interest in your product but aren’t ready to buy yet.

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