Ideas of Marketing and Promotion for Agency of Tourism

If in the past we talked about what Travel Marketing is. today we offer you ways to put it into practice. The trends in the tourism industry are. As it is in nature and in the field, constantly moving and changing. Keeping up with the latest in travel marketing can be a Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number challenge that many do not feel ready to face. Creating relevant content, coordinating booking platforms, testimonials, blogs, newsletters and social media accounts, may demotivate you especially when the results are delayed.

Understand Your Customers and Define Your Persona

Travel marketing takes time, setting and implementing a strategy. If you’re not happy with your online presence, conversion rate, or social media strategy. It’s time to get back to basics. Below are some ideas you can implement to keep up. With the latest marketing trends and attract new leads and customers. Understand your customers and define your persona To build a strategy that really works, the first step is to define your target audience and determine the persona of your customers. Read more about the person in the Expert Guide on How to Do a Market Research .

The Profile of the Romanian Tourist

Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number
Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number

Demographics are undoubtedly important, but beyond that you need to ask. Then A few questions about how customers decide to search, plan and book vacations. But What motivates them to travel? What frustrates them? How is it informed? If you have difficulty defining your persona , try using tools that make your job easier. Xtensio guides you, for free, through a process of defining your persona . Photo: The profile of the Romanian tourist In defining the person you can take into account secondary. Sources such as other market research or the opinions of specialists.

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