I Have Spoken About the Impact Gdpr to the Reality TV

The General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data. In short GDPR, will enter into force on May 25, 2018, the date from. Which it will have to be applied by all companies in the European Union. Based on this premise, MKOR Consulting specialists asked a series. Of Iran WhatsApp Number questions to decision-makers in Romanian companies. To find out how well they prepared. For the changes that are. Expected from May 25, 2018.  Within the show Banii Vorbesc (facebook page).

Consulting in the Show Banii Vorbesc

Then MKOR Consulting in the show Banii Vorbesc Corina Cimpoca. Founder of MKOR Consulting, was invited to Edward Pastia as a marketing specialist. But Corina presented the results of the study on the impact of GDPR in Romanian companies. But At the table were a specialist in legislation and a representative of the employers’ confederations, each bringing specialized arguments on the new data protection regulations. Corina came to complete them, presenting the current situation of Romanian companies: How many of the companies acted concretely; What kind of data protection measures.

About the Study Impact of Gdpr in Romanian Companies

Iran WhatsApp Number
Iran WhatsApp Number

But It implements; What are the alignment costs to GDPR. Watch here the show that was broadcast live at 6:30 pm on. March 16: About the study Impact of GDPR in Romanian companies. Two months before the entry into force of the GDPR. More than a third of Romanian companies. Do not yet know what it is or I think it does not apply to them, according to the study conducted by MKOR specialists. The study also reveals how well small, medium and large companies in Romania have prepared to implement the new data protection regulations.

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