How to Set Up Google Ads Campaigns

Spend $1 and earn $2 in revenue.  (formerly Google AdWords) is one of the best tools for advertising online. It provides its users with a great way to present their website before the consumers. Google Tongliao Phone Number Ads Campaigns enable product and service promotion on Google’s vast network of search results, videos, websites, mobile apps, shopping listings, maps, and more.

It is for the website owners to choose a campaign type wisely based on their brand strategy, advertising objective, and investment budgets. Different campaign types have their own set of ads and targets. While search campaigns allow the placement of text ads on search results, a video campaign facilitates the advertisement of video ads on.

Set the Daily Budget

An advertiser can choose a large or small area for the location of an ad display. It can be an entire country or a city. You can also target a specific area by using latitude-longitude coordinates.

Prior knowledge of the locations of your ideal customer is crucial for this step. For instance, local business owners will target people around their area. Those selling products to customers throughout the US will choose the United States. Contrastingly, international business owners will have to set up several campaigns for various countries with high sales or where most of the consumers reside.

Beginners are suggested to set a low daily budget until they become proficient Google Ads users. So, begin on a low pitch, gather data and then expand into whatever works for your Google Ads campaigns. Often Google can go slightly over your daily budget, so it is crucial to monitor your campaigns and adjust your budget weekly.

You must also set your payment option from the two available alternatives:

Manual payments allow you to make a payment before your ad appears online. Automatic payments enable you to link your account to your bank or credit card so that money is drawn automatically. Monthly invoicing is Google’s option that provides credit lines to qualifying business owners.

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Include Keywords

Although there is an inclination to add as many  as possible, it is better to include the ones that are absolutely essential so that the people searching the keyword are hunting for exactly what you offer. The number of these keywords would be less, allowing you to be more specific.

It is essential to include your target keyword in one of the two headlines of your Google ad so that it drives consumers and makes them click on your website link. This keyword must be the one you suppose the customers would type in Google’s search bar.

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