How to make a poster for your event

Are you organizing a corporate event and you need to make an effective poster that is able to conquer the public you landed on the right blog in this article we will see, without too many words, how to make your next advertising poster . From dimensions to graphics, from essential information to which programs to use. It will be a quick journey through all the information you need to build your poster yourself.

Contents hide 1 which format to choose 2 graphic choices 2.1 colors 2.2 pictures 2.3 font 2.4 spaces 3 what to write in a poster 4 where to create a poster 5 print posters online which format to choose like any selfrespecting project, the first thing to set can only be the size. On the other hand, it would be impossible to start working on a graphic without knowing the measures to be respected. There are three formats available 29,7x42cm a3 21 × 29.7cm a4 29,7x60cm the most used is the a3 format, but dont be fooled by the size.


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Even a smaller a4, if well designed, can win over the public photo background removing very well. Graphic choices never forget that posters, like business cards or a brochure , are marketing tools, and as such they must be part of a broader communication strategy, aimed at strengthening the value of your brand. For this reason there are some graphic aspects that must absolutely be respected colors images font. Spaces colors choosing the right color can really make the difference between a successful poster and one that goes totally unnoticed. First you need to use the brightest colors of your brand. This will help you be more recognizable and give life to your message. On the other hand, the goal is to capture attention and be found right you. Will hardly succeed by choosing dull and anonymous colors.

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The Most Used Free Tool is Undoubtedly Canva

Images along with colors, images are also of vital UAB Directory importance to increase the visibility of your poster. Thanks to good images, consistent with the colors of the brand but also with the event itself, you will. Have a double benefit attracting the attention of the public and also giving a visual expression to the content.

Font if by choosing the right colors and images you have captured the attention. Of the public, now is the time to give the information in the right way. To do this, you need to opt for fonts that are legible, and that do not spoil the graphics. To find the right combination, we recommend using this free tool on the internet fontjoy . You can use our felicit4 font and give free rein to your creativity.

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