How to Handle a Broken Link in Your Email (And Prevent it From Happening Again)

It’s an email marketer’s worst nightmare.

You put the finishing touches on a big campaign, give it a review, and schedule it to deploy to your mailing list, just like you have for so many others. But this time, something’s wrong.

Reports and complaints start coming in from confused customers via email, social media, and your support channels. There’s a problem. The link on your main CTA for your big offer Qatar WhatsApp Number List doesn’t work, or your featured content block goes to last month’s blog post, or your personalized product recommendation brings subscribers to the wrong ecommerce category.

Unfortunately, issues like these are extremely common in email. They’re small mistakes, yet they can have a big impact on your campaign performance and brand. It’s important to be ready to respond in the unlucky event you ever send out an email with a bad link. And with a handy new tool now available from Campaign Monitor, you can now get your emails reviewed automatically and avoid sending out broken or outdated links in the future.

What causes bad links

Despite our best efforts, broken or outdated links in emails still happen with some frequency. Campaign Monitor’s Link Review tool detects thousands of questionable links in emails built on our platform every day—and that’s just on our platform!

We’re often very meticulous in our review of the words and images we add into our emails. But problems with links are harder to spot than a typo or incorrectly sized graphic. The naked eye alone won’t find them.

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That means that, traditionally, each link in an email had to be manually tested to detect a broken hyperlink or 404 redirect.

Complicating the matter is that some bad links still ‘work,’ but they go to the wrong place. It’s all too easy to update a weekly newsletter template, but accidentally leave a CTA leading to last week’s blog instead of this week’s new video. A quick QA review might show that the link still functions, but overlook that it’s not bringing users to the right place. It’s enough to give anyone send anxiety!  Best database provider | Whatsapp number lists

The other challenge for email builders is the sheer volume of links many emails have these days. In addition to the primary links you have to content, products and offers, there’s also innumerable links that often end up in the header and footer: links to your social accounts, unsubscribe/preference centers, privacy policies, contact pages and more. These links often go overlooked in ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ sections of emails. But they’re not immune to getting disrupted by hard-to-predict factors.

What to do if you send a bad link

Even the most seasoned veteran is vulnerable to occasionally sending out an old or defective link. The more complex your emails and campaigns get, the more links you’ll send. And even a rigorous, multi-person review might miss something once in a while.

But if your big Black Friday promotional CTA goes to the wrong place, it’s time to enter damage control mode. Here’s what Alex Dalland, Digital Producer at Universal Media Company had to say about the risk of a link ruining a key campaign

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