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At least within the Digital Marketing/Social Media sector. It is a topic that has been talked about long and hard for a long time. The natural path of facebook. When the social network became one of the largest media and advertising platform in the world, we all knew that it would continue to expand horizons. And the possibility of selling products through the pages themselves is another step. At the moment this option is not activated in all countries but it will not take long to reach your fanpage . Don’t worry, everything that generates more interaction and increases the average time that users spend on Facebook makes it easier for companies to invest in ads. And it is the main source of income for this social network.

Adding a shop section to your page allows you to sell products to your customers from the page. It appears next to the other sections of the page, such as “Biography” or “About”. What can you do with the store section of your facebook page? Upload products and information about them . You don’t need to have a product catalog anywhere else, and there’s no limit to the number of products you can upload. Organize and customize the product catalog of your store . You can divide your products into collections and create a featured products section that showcases 10 products. Sell directly from your fanpage . Once you upload your products, customers can view and purchase them from any device without ever leaving the page.

Manage Orders Classify

Orders as shipped, cancel and refund orders without Brazil phone number the page Run a Facebook ad to promote one of your products . This information is from facebook… which corresponds to what we told you before. After all, it is your main source of income. Get statistics. See how many views, clicks and purchases each product has and how much profit you made from each. When you have the option to add your online store to facebook activated… how to add it? Click “Add Store Section” . How to add an online store to facebook Accept the merchant policies and terms (if you agree, of course). Enter your business address and your email address.

Brazil Phone Number

If you want to use multiple email addresses to communicate with your customers and to receive updates from us and Stripe (the payment processing company that uses facebook) do not select the “Use the same email address for customer service inquiries” box. customer and enter an email address for customer service.” If you already have a Stripe account, click the “Connect to an existing Stripe account” link and follow the steps provided by Stripe. Otherwise, click “Submit.” And with this you would already have your online store configured! You will receive an email from Stripe to process payments and sell… we are already impatiently waiting for its implementation to analyze its operation and results.

After All, What Is Sought

What matters is not so much the frequency as the bandwidth. The other primates where they feel best have a reduced bandwidth, they have a peak of sensitivity: due to the frequency of 1 kHz they hardly transmit information, because with the reverberation of the leaves the sound becomes very confusing. There is no way to enter a lot of acoustic information into a call in the woods. They are limited to communicating on a single note (the typical screams). We humans have a wide band because this is where the human voice is, and we do not communicate with a kind of “whistle”, but with a “flute”: we introduce many different notes, many acoustically different sounds.

The important sounds in our communication are the consonants, though not all (see the following diagram known as banana speech ). The new paradigm reconstructs, from the fossil bones found, the parts of the ear, and through simulators, it is checked whether or not a certain fossil remains “felt” like today’s humans. And, above all, from the bones of the Sima de los Huesos, it has been established that humans 500,000 years ago already had the necessary hardware , they already felt like us. Does that mean they were talking? Did they have the software ?

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