How Spend Easter into the Time Epidemics of Coronavirus

We are experiencing the first pandemic of the last century, and this has changed our lives in all its aspects. For the vast majority of Romanians, the Brazil WhatsApp Number Coronavirus epidemic means a change in plans for this year’s Easter. The latest MKOR study analyzes how Romanians will spend Easter. So, 86% of Romanians will spend Easter with their close family, partner and children. With whom they usually live 1 in 10 Romanians will. Not respect the limitations imposed by the authorities.

How We Spend Easter This Year

And declare that they will spend Easter with extended family. And friends 80% of Romanians feel above average fear. Of being infected with the new coronavirus. How we spend Easter this year 9 out of 10 Romanians. But Will spend Easter at home this year. Then In response to the Coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19). People will spend Easter with their partner, children or even alone. 3% of Romanians will not celebrate Easter at all this year. However, 11% of Romanians say they will spend the Easter holidays with extended family or friends, with whom they do not live. These are mainly pupils and students, who usually return home during this period.

Fear of a Possible Coronavirus Infection

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But Fear of a possible coronavirus infection 80% of Romanians feel an above average fear regarding the possibility of being infected with the new coronavirus. Of these, half are people with above average incomes, and 43% have higher education. But The least concerned categories are pupils and students and people with below average education (general and vocational school). At the population level, the fear of the possibility of infection with the new coronavirus is moderate (4.18 out of a total of 7 points). Among the professional categories.

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