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An e-commerce company contacted me earlier this year for help. They wanted an audit complete after Belgium Mobile Number making significant changes to their site. As part of our initial communication. They prepared a bulleted list of changes that had been implemented for me to review before analyzing the site. This list included all ranking, traffic and indexing changes. One of those bullets stood out: they had seen a big increase Belgium Mobile Number in indexing after the recent changes went live. Now this is a site that had been impacted by major algorithm updates over the years. So the combination of big site changes (without seo guidance) and a subsequent indexing spike scared the lights of day.

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Moreover, Seo fear. Credits: giphy i checked google search console (gsc). And this is what i saw: 6,560 indexed pages increase Belgium Mobile Number to 16,215 in one week. That’s a 160% increase. Indexing peak in gsc. It was clear that digging into this problem and finding out what was going on would be a priority. as well as, My hope was that if errors were pushed into production Belgium Mobile Number and the wrong pages were indexed. I could surface and fix them before major damage was done. I ran screaming frog and deepcrawl on the site. Using both googlebot and googlebot for smartphones as user agents. I was eager to dig into the exploration data.

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Belgium Mobile Number
Belgium Mobile Number

The problem: faceted mobile browsing and a surge in lightweight content first. The site is not responsive. Instead, it uses dynamic serving, which means different html and css can serve. Depending Belgium Mobile Number on the user agent. Recent changes have been made to the mobile version of the site. After implementing these changes, googlebot was directed to Belgium Mobile Number many thin. Urls via faceted Belgium Mobile Number navigation (only available on mobile pages). These thin urls were clearly indexed. At a time when google’s quality algorithms seem overloaded.

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