How It Is To You Work To MKOR

MKOR Consulting is a results-oriented market research agency. We like to think that MKOR does not have employees (well, only at ITM), but a team. MKOR customers have always been satisfied with the results delivered, implicitly with the team’s work. Ecuador WhatsApp Number make sure we do our best in a project, we take care of ourselves first and foremost. How? We tell you below Feedback & Outspoken.

Feedback & Outspoken

Then We work a lot with feedback and openness. We listen to each other’s ideas and are not afraid to express them, because one of us will always be honest enough to tell us the truth whether our idea is brilliant or not. Then Horizontal organization We distribute the tasks democratically, depending on each person’s abilities and available time resources. That way, we avoid overwork, and everyone does what they like and suits them. mkor-team-3 Continuous learning Because we work in a research agency, it is in our nature to be curious and to quench our thirst for knowledge.

Horizontal Organization

Ecuador WhatsApp Number
Ecuador WhatsApp Number

Then That’s why every month we have a meeting of “Learning points”, in which we share what we have learned from the projects carried out lately. At each meeting, one of us is assigned to give a presentation about the latest business / personal development book he or she has read, with relevant information about how he or she can help us in our daily activities. This helps us to realize where we are and where we want to go. Access to books and professional development courses is provided. mkor-team-2 Outings and relaxation After the monthly Learning Points meeting.

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