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There are a wide variety of great tools available for competitive analysis. For our project, we used ahrefs to Indian Phone Number analyze top competitor pages. By analyzing our competitors’ core content. We were able to identify keyword gaps on our client’s site, as well as low-difficulty opportunities. For our client, we initially focused on larger search volumes (respective to their niche). And worked our way down from there, but there is Indian Phone Number no set search volume that fits every strategy. Instead, consider your niche and the potential value of capturing leads from a given search result. If a lead is potentially worth thousands of dollars. You don’t need a lot of volume to justify the ranking value for that term.

Targeted Pages Indian Phone Number

For absorb, competitor content analysis would involve careful scrutiny of competitors such as. For example, looking at bridge in ahrefs. I can see that some of their main pages define Indian Phone Number various elearning terms: it looks like talentlms has similar pages that work well. And they also secure traffic from elearning subtopics like [creative tool], [constant learning], and [microlearning]. From just a look at these Indian Phone Number ahrefs competitors, i learned that absorb can seize some opportunities. By creating pages that define important online training terms or target tangentially related topics. Since absorb currently doesn’t have any pages like this in their top 15 pages in ahrefs.

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Indian Phone Number
Indian Phone Number

This strategy should be a real consideration. If absorb was really a client. I would analyze all Indian Phone Number of their competitors to uncover trends and find as many opportunities and Indian Phone Number gaps as possible. But for this article, i’m going to move on to the next part of our strategy. Creating linkable assets. Many b2b brands work in narrow, specific Indian Phone Number niches; this was the case for our client. It is certainly possible to secure links in these small neighborhoods online.

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