How Can You Update Your Blog Thailand Phone Number

If your blogging efforts are shaky or just not delivering the results you want, it may be time to make some updates. So, try these five strategies to revamp your blog!

Google increasingly favors authorized pages. This can mean many things, some of which are difficult to control as a copywriter or content strategist.

But you can control two things: the size and the quality . Let’s start with the first. Google undoubtedly favors longer form content . The exact size depends on the topic and what the competition is doing. But in most industries, 500-word blog posts are simply not effective anymore.

Increase authority through quality

Quality is the other component of authority that you can Thailand Phone Number control directly. Google’s algorithms are advanced enough to differentiate a well-written post from a poorly written one. Make sure you write with impeccable grammar and vary your vocabulary and sentence lengths.

Write for snippets

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Reaching a good position in Google can be very difficult, but not if you manage to conquer a snippet space. Often the current version of Google search results displays a snippet , a box directly in the search results that displays a definition, a list of instructions, or some other response directed to the search.

Do some searching to understand what we mean. It is common for snippets to contain a direct definition or a numbered or bulleted list. Think about what your keyword snippet would probably look like and then write the best one considering this perspective. If you win a snippet slot , you will reach the top of the search results.

Visual and video resources

Which is better: a great text-only blog post or the same post enhanced with images and videos? You know the answer, and so do the search engines. Therefore, include strategic images and even videos in your blog posts as much as your budget allows .

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