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Tutor of the UOC’s Degree in History. Geography and Art History . Within this almost unattainable documentary collection generated to date . the BBC has a very comprehensive catalog of various periods and topics. highlighting those related to British history and culture. RTVE has been doing a lot of work for decades. most notably the documentary section on its website . a mine. especially about history . TV3 has also. on a smaller scale. published high-quality documentaries on its portal. This compilation shows that one of the most famous streaming platforms. Netflix. does not yet have a considerable fund in the field of documentary history and art.

There is an increase in docudramas. a subgenre in itself. but of very irregular quality. In the same way that HBO and Amazon Prime Video do not offer too much material in this area. We hope that next year we can recommend you more and very good! Below we recommend a small selection of history and art documentaries. Good summer! By Òscar González Tutor of the UOC Degree in History. Geography and Art History List of history and art documentaries Ancient history – Michael Scott’s documentaries on the Greek world are highly recommended on the BBC. To highlight: Who Were the Greeks? (2013. two parts) Ancient Grecce: The Greatest Show on Earth

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Delphi: the Bellybutton of the Ancient World Bolivia phone numbers  Bettany Hughes presented the documentary Athens: T he Truth About Democracy (Channel 4. 2007). – Hughes herself has made a number of documentary series on the BBC. such as these two available on Netflix: Genius of the Ancient World (Buddha. Socrates and Confucius; 2016) Genius of the Modern World (Marx. Nietzsche and Freud; 2015) – Also on this platform we find the series: Lucy Worsley Empire of the Tsars (BBC. 2016. three episodes) -Worsley has done several series in the UK (he is a celebrity; his entry in the English Wikipedia ). -On novels. Mary Beard has made many documentaries on BB C: in addition to the recent Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limits ( 2016. four episodes. of which I have translated the subtitles of three).

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Meet the Romans (BBC. 2012 . three episodes). two documentaries about Pompeii (2010 and 2016). one about Caligula (2013) and some by Caesar (2017). They are all in the Movistar + catalog . Also noteworthy in this area is the two-part documentary Building the Ancient City Athens and Rome (BBC. 2015) presented by Andrew Wallacde-Hadrill and also broadcast in Spanish (TVE. some time ago: The construction of the ancient city : Athens and Rome; available on YouTube and documentary pages like DocumaniaTV). Art in the world -The Civilizations series (BBC. 2018. nine episodes) is also on Movistar .

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Art of Civilizations . which is not exactly an update of Kenneth Clark ‘s 1969 Civilization series : it focused only on art. and European civilization. while Schama (which takes on five episodes. Beard and Olusoga (two each) open the door to cultures around the world and their art . – Schama also has many documentaries on the BBC : see some references to her English Wikipedia entry . Simon Schama’s Power of Art is very good. for example. World War I and Civil War -Very remarkable a classic series. published on DVD: The world at war in (ITV. 1973-1974. 26 episodes).

About the Second World War and with the locution of Laurence Olivier. -Another classic series is La Guerra Civil española (Channel 4. 1983. six episodes); both of us. who are already a certain age. remember seeing them as children and young people. – About the Civil War. the RTVE website has many documentaries . How not to remember. at the same time. The Transition of Victoria Prego (RTVE. 1995. 13 episodes) Art and film stories In our country. we have recently had two highly recommended documentary series: – This is art by Ramon Gener (2017-2019. two seasons) – The great illusion: intermittent story of Catalan cinema.

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