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Blog posts that are too time sensitive can generate a lot of interest and do genuine good for your business, but they will inherently deteriorate.

This is because few readers will care about this week’s industry news 27 months from now.

Depending on your Content Marketing strategy, you may have few (or no) composite blog posts published so far.

In fact, everything is fine, although we think you should work to change the situation .

According to a HubSpot survey of its own customer base, roughly one in 10 blog posts is of the composite type. Not many, considering the whole.

What are the advantages of using compound blog posts?

This distinction between compound and decaying blog Albania Phone Number posts is important for a number of reasons, all related to why your company is creating blog content in the first place. Join us!

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If your goal is to increase web traffic, having a post type that gets higher levels of visits for your business is a must. And composed blog posts certainly achieve that effect!

Typically, within a single company or business unit, most blog posts have a very similar starting popularity. Not identical, but very similar.

Increase lifetime web traffic

It is common that you do not have a post with 20 views in the first week, followed by another one that gets a million.

If it’s true that your business gets a fairly predictable amount of initial traffic from each blog post, then the difference between compound and decaying posts becomes very clear.

If both post types get 10k visitors in the first week, they are both doing fine, for now.

But consider what happens next.

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