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Ruben Alonso Twitter: Ruben Alonso is an expert in digital marketing issues and shares his knowledge not only on his Twitter account, but also on his blog . You will often find tweets from him on your timeline as he is quite active. It will give you tips on improving a blogg and how to get there. still a large number of followers. He also talks about SEO, social media and branding issues. Jordi Hernandez Twitter: @jordi_hc Jordi Hern√°ndez has relatively few followers, however, he is a very prepared person within the medium. He gives advice to his followers about SEO and has one of the most popular and well-known blogs in the world of digital marketing.

He also collaborates on other sites, so keeping an eye on his account will help you a lot if you want to learn more about the world of marketing. Claudius Inacio Twitter: @ cinacio06 Claudio works as a community manager, copywriter and is also a blogger. He has just over 57 thousand followers and on his Twitter account you can find topics related to digital marketing, as well as articles and publications related to it. Here you will learn not only about marketing, but also about brand positioning and blogging. An account well worth following. Now you know, if you want to learn about marketing and make better use of your time on Twitter, you can start following these accounts that we hope will help you learn more.

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Ricardo Salinas Pliego dictates the A lesson for marketing¬† Sweden phone number With views of 15 seconds Twitter seeks to attract advertisers Twitter users denounce Nike for campaign that “promotes obesity” Do you know results are the most innovative companies of 2021? Most companies have had to innovate after the health emergency. Get to know the most innovative companies of this year The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives and also our way of consuming, which is why some companies tried to create new business models and innovate in the market. That is why today we bring you the 5 most innovative companies worldwide in 2021, according to a study by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

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The agency dedicated to studying marketing strategies made a list of the 50 most innovative companies. And among the first ten are: Apple, which repeats the number one position as in 2020, followed by Alphabet, followed in third place by Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla, Samsung, IBM, Huawei, Sony and the pharmaceutical company Pfizer . The first four places in the ranking were respectively repeated compared to last year. Tesla Stock Also within the list we find for the first time companies dedicated to the creation of vaccines, and which achieved the ranking for innovating in favor of health, and although Pfizer is in position ten, Johnson & Johnson is also in position 20 , Moderna at 42 and AstraZeneca at 49.

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The list bet on the change and improvement of the consumer after the appearance of Covid -19 in our lives. Finding online sales as the main point of sale, opening its market. To new targets and not only those who were close to technology. And let’s hope they continue with that line and have not only been. Encouraged to innovate by the arrival of the virus. In addition, the companies surveyed declared themselves in favor of innovation, since 75% of them are interested in this concept; As for a third of the emporiums, they show that they have innovation as their priority. Although a very drastic change was seen, unlike in previous years. Largely due to changes due to the pandemic, it is also true that many companies already. Took due importance to innovation, so much so that even. Companies on the list repeated their place within the list.

That is why, in addition to Pfizer, other pharmaceutical companies developing vaccines against covid-19 classified on the list. This is the case, for example, of Johnson & Johnson, Moderna and AstraZeneca, located in positions 20, 42 and 49, respectively. In any case, it is interesting to find this type of list since that way companies can realize. Who their new competition is or what they need to improve in order to stay or enter the ranking. In addition to knowing how to take advantage of situations as unusual as the pandemic. The 5 companies that lead the list 1 apple It is undeniable that Apple has always been concerned. With innovating and that is what has given it its international success over the years.

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