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So, we define those lines and how we are going to address them.

For example, if we are going to undertake research, well, we

decide under which character and on which project, and we do not upload it in a single medium.

If we are going to do research content on a prominent person

from the university, we think about what is going to be done in

traditional, what is going to be done in video, what is going to be done in sound, how is it going to

be done a photographic report, who is going to do an interview,

when it is done, what should be highlighted, and after that

where should it be taken, by what social media are you going to show it, how often, what words you have to stand out.

So, when we are going to do some kind of report, so to speak,

we sit down beforehand to think about a final product,

what message do you want your audience to take away. That’s the first thing you have to do when thinking

about content: think about what message you want to send to your audience.

And, typically, how many pieces

of content does your team generate per month?

It is that it depends. In the months of recruitment we Norway Phone Number have to take into account that there is advertising content that must be published, but on average we are publishing

between 5 and 6 times a day in a university account that is already

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a very large account, but I am only talking to you From Facebook. On the Twitter side, it’s a slightly higher frequency; on Instagram it depends on whether there is an

to cover or not; LinkedIn is a bit different, it’s one or two days maximum depending on the importance of the note.

I couldn’t tell you how many pieces

of content there are or how many remain unpublished,

because there is also a lot of content that remains in the pipeline because it is out of date or it is not the right time to publish it, but there are around 100 pieces

of content per month, although, as I explain, not everything is

going to be seen on the social networks of the Autonomous Community.

Some are going to go to websites and others are going to go to traditional, because, as I told you, we work hand in hand with traditional, content is created, yes

thinking about the medium of diffusion but comprehensive.

You are not going to see a digital strategy separate from what we have in traditional or at least that is our goal: to provide a single message, the same voice in both one and the other.

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