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As an example we have the fan who tattooed Lionel Messi on his back. who has even managed to get the Argentine player to sign it. Likewise . Excelsior mentions the church in Puebla that honors former player Diego Armando Maradona. showing us how far soccer can go to present itself in the minds of its fans. Classic of Legends. an entry to Nostalgic Marketing During the afternoon of this July 20. the game between Real Madrid and Barcelona was held . called “El Clásico de Leyendas “. This has managed to arouse the interest of its fans since we have been able to see players again with the shirt of the favorite teams in the soccer world as in their best times.

Among them: Ronaldinho louis figo Robert Carlos decoration Xavi Guzmán Iker Casillas saviola Alvaro Arbeloa This match caused that. being the first Classic held in Israel. a crowd of 25.000 people attended. a fairly high figure considering that the stadium only had a capacity of 29.000 people. According to ESPN . one of the most applauded players was Ronaldinho . The result of this match was won by Real Madrid with a score of 2-3 over Barcelona . however. the fans were the ones who gained the most thanks to this match. since it managed to cause nostalgia on social networks and remember these iconic players. as well as their corresponding clubs.

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Not afraid to show their happiness after witnessing Norway phone number football icons wear the colors of their favorite teams again. A match that achieved success thanks to the nostalgia generated by the Classic of Legends between Barcelona and Real Madrid . Related Notes: Nike does not give one: After what happened with America. users criticize the Barcelona jersey Lionel Messi leads the presentation. Of Barcelona’s third shirt President of Real Madrid speaks ill of players and puts the brand at risk. Music has become one of the greatest refuges during the pandemic In the face of a crisis of anxiety and uncertainty due to Covid-19. music has been the largest cultural activity in Mexico Music could now. Be the key to reaching new consumers It’s been over a year since we ran out of live music due to the pandemic; no massive concerts or festivals.

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As the months went by. Concerts scheduled for 2020 and others that were destined to take place in 2021 were canceled and others were rescheduled for next 2022. As long as the situation allows it. However. despite the stoppage of concerts and festivals around the world. The music did not stop playing; the musicians did not stop and. on the contrary. Made new releases even in the middle of the pandemic. On the other hand. The appearance of the concerts on various streaming platforms. such as Sala Estelar. Streamtime and others. Somewhat calmed the desire to be in a massive concert again and. The artists. it was presented as an alternative to follow performing live”.

As Covid-19 Advanced

By leaps and bounds and claimed more lives. anxiety. uncertainty. Fear and other emotional factors gradually took over the lives of people. Who found a little comfort and tranquility. On the different streaming platforms. social networks. music. books. etc. A recent study by Personalty Media. A celebrity image data analysis and marketing consultancy. Revealed that music has been the one with the greatest social contribution during the pandemic. Winning with 52 percent of the survey. The times of Covid-19 have not been the best for artists or for large companies that organize massive concerts. But they have. on the other hand. for streaming platforms. Which is where more music has been heard in recent years.

As for the concert industry. a recent report by Pollstar. A publication dedicated to the entertainment industry. Confirmed that the concert industry had losses of 30.000 million dollars during 2020. 9.100 million of them were for unsold tickets. . Given the fact that mass events were not held. Taking into account that it is one of the industries that generates the most money in the world. The population had a greater consumption of music through platforms such as Spotify. YouTube Music. Apple Music. among others. others. According to data collected by UNESCO. During 2020 there was a 10 percent increase in streaming. Accounting for more than 57 million listeners. With Spotify still holding first place.

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