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Generating monthly reports is one of those repetitive tasks that can consume. A day or more at the beginning Kazakhstan Mobile Number of the month (especially in the agency world!). If you’re manually pulling data from google analytics. You need to constantly check that your date ranges are correct. That you’ve applied the correct segments, that you’re analyzing Kazakhstan Mobile Number the correct metrics. And that you’ve accessed the main profile in the first place. Not only would automating this type of reporting save time. But it would also ensure consistency and eliminate errors. And while report scheduling in analytics is great. Reporting can really be taken to the next level with the google analytics add-on for sheets.

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This add-on is a lifesaver for us during the reporting period. By adding this to google sheets, you can Kazakhstan Mobile Number pull data directly from the google analytics api. Without ever having to log into the analytics interface. To get started, you will need to configure. The metrics, date ranges, segments, and profile that the api should pull. Then Kazakhstan Mobile Number you just run the report; the data is then automatically loaded into your spreadsheet. The beauty of this whole. System is that once you set up your reporting framework. The time spent collecting google analytics data each month should be significantly reduced.

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For most of my reports, i just adjust the date ranges at the start of each month. And let the api apply all my Kazakhstan Mobile Number segments and only collect the metrics i need. I also create charts in the same worksheet that reference the cells that this data is pull from. With Kazakhstan Mobile Number a few minor spreadsheet edits each month. Im able to Kazakhstan Mobile Number extract all the data. I need and format it into easy-to-read graphs. This little add-on easily saves me about a day of work every month.

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