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However,  As a well-known WordPress developer, DevriX actively supports and cares about local geek-related events. Each year, our team attends various events to learn about new trends, improve their skills, and share their experiences and ideas.

From October 11th to 13th, 2019, part of our team participated in the 5th edition of Sofia HackConf . This is an annual event by HackSoft , one of Bulgaria’s. However, largest software and design companies . But don’t be fooled by the name . Hacking may be a good thing. Think of tech enthusiasts and experienced engineers who tackle code challenges. HackConf represents effectiveness and thinking outside the box. As the organizational team states, meetings are designed “by developers, for developers.”

The idea for HackConf started over five years ago. The HackSoft team wanted to bring more value to the developers and technical communities of Bulgaria and the Balkans, and created an annual event where people of different technical experience and development levels could come together and exchange ideas.

@ HackConf_360 Teaser runs around 🎥

We are having a great day and what a wonderful weekend it will be 🤓

However,  My YouTube full video

— Eddie Jaoude Open Source 🤓 October 12, 2019

However,  The main goal of 5th HackConf is to explore and Canada Phone Number share real problems, solutions, and important insights in the software development industry.

However,  The conference focuses on development and software, but it’s not just a developer-only event. Part of DevriX’s project management team was also able to attend the meeting and improve leadership, stress management, and time / management skills.

Day 1 Teaser Video at @HackConf_ – What a spectacular day and today will be even better 💪🤓

The full video and discussion is on my YouTube channel, receive notifications and subscribe to support me (fre

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— Eddie Jaoude Open Source 🤓 (jaoude) October 13, 2019


View from the top of the National Palace of Culture

However,  This article describes HackConf’s presentation and briefly summarizes it with teammates who attended meetings and shared their experiences.

Lectures and speakers
Euan Finlay
Euan Finlay’s story was about building an effective team when in different places. He shared advice on how to work with different people in different time zones, from New York to Manila.

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