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If you are not a fan of RSS feeds , you probably use favorites to keep your favorite addresses. Problem, in this case you can only consult them on your computer. Many sites allow you to store these bookmarks online. For example, I introduced you to Fav20 and Homepagle a few months ago. In the Dominica B2B List, here is Myclusta. The principle is simple: add your favorite sites and blogs one by one.

Many Sites Allow

After registration, you will be asked for an image for each one (findable directly via Google images or from their URL). You will then have access to your favorites from any Dominica B2B List . 20 boxes are at your disposal. A Google search box is also present. myclusta The service is mainly aimed at neophytes. The more experienced (and the more blogove) will turn to an RSS feed reader (like Netvibes ) or to bookmarking services (like Delicious) for another type of use.

The Home Page if You Use

Dominica B2B List
Dominica B2B List

I still find the idea nice and really easy to use. Keep it on the home Dominica B2B List if you use it, so you don’t forget to visit your favorites!Marie-Françoise takes stock of her year 2008 . Time flies ! Despite some bad news, she remains motivated. We wish good luck for the future. Valere gives us some news. She is still looking for a job in computer graphics . Also a graphic designer, Damien shows us some of his flyer creations. The results are really successful. Anne tells us about her career in the field of human resources. Baghdad presents itself in an original way. Go welcome him ! Finally, Florence offers us a moment of relaxation by taking a closer look at the Norman wine and local products fair. To consume with moderation !

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