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With the european commission’s (ec) recent decision to impose. A massive $2.7 billion fine on google Finland Mobile Number for unfair practices. Some light has been shed on comparison engines that have lost out over the past few years, searchers increasingly using google alone for product navigation. The ec determined that google’s placement of Finland Mobile Number shopping ads. Also known as product offering ads (plas), unfairly inhibited competing comparative shopping options from generating Finland Mobile Number click-through traffic. And that google must return the results of fairer research for these competitors. When discussing the decision.

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There was a lot of talk about the potential harm to comparison engines. And searchers from Finland Mobile Number google’s current layout. However, little attention has been paid to advertisers paying for google shopping ads. Which now drive a significant share Finland Mobile Number of all website orders for most brands. Although google is likely to appeal the decision. Here we will explain what the impacts of the current Finland Mobile Number decision could be on retailers. Google shopping’s share of orders from all retailer sites is steadily. Increasing the median retailer that leveraged google shopping.

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Finland Mobile Number
Finland Mobile Number

Had the highest share of all site orders attributed to plas in june 2017. At just over 14%. Compare Finland Mobile Number that to just a 5% share at the start of 2015. And it’s clear that google shopping is bigger than ever. And while this data is specific to the united states. It is representative of the type of growth also seen in europe. This increase was the Finland Mobile Number primary driver of growth in the total share. Of all site orders from non-branded paid search, which includes both text and pla ads. As such, advertisers now rely heavily on google shopping to drive people to their products. And they have put considerable effort into optimizing google shopping campaigns over the years.

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