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To access the report, log in to search console. Then click “search traffic” in the left navigation pane. Search Jamaica Mobile Number analytics is the first report listed in this menu option. If you are unable to access search console. It may be because you need to verify your website first. The search analytics report lets you view search data from different Jamaica Mobile Number angles. As you can see in figure 1, you can filter by queries, pages. Countries, devices, and search type (web, image, or video). Within each of these, you can filter in more detail. Click the radio button for devices, for example, and you can filter by desktop, mobile, or tablet.

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You can also customize the date range. Unlike google analytics, which archives data for years. Search console Jamaica Mobile Number only displays the last 90 days of search query data. At the top of the report, you can check four boxes: clicks, impressions, ctr, and position. Once Jamaica Mobile Number you have checked them, the data then appears in the rows below. (figure 2). Search console data differs from what you see in Jamaica Mobile Number google analytics. And if you’re a new user, it can be a bit confusing because the terms aren’t the same. In google analytics, for example, visits to a website are called “sessions.

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Jamaica Mobile Number
Jamaica Mobile Number

And a person can have multiple sessions. Analytics also displays session data by channel, i. e. Searcher Jamaica Mobile Number source. Organic (non-paid search, including non-google properties), paid, referral, direct, and social. Search console, on the other hand, provides click data. Which only refers to people who clicked from the google search engine Jamaica Mobile Number to your website. What i love about search console is that it lets you see the actual search queries use. By users when they click on a website. However, before you get too excited, you should note that google only gives you a small percentage of these queries.

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