Google Maps Includes Road Traffic, Flickriver

Seventh round (already) for the Toolbox ! In this post, you will discover a selection of 6 online tools. They are useful, funny or practical, one thing is sure they caught my attention. I haven’t tested them in depth, but some of them may interest you! Good discovery. maps Google Maps Latvia B2B List road traffic : the information is (almost) everywhere since yesterday. Google maps now allows you to see the state of road traffic! You will no longer be able to say that you were unaware if you find yourself stuck in traffic.

They Caught My Attention

However, the service of course does not work for all roads… masochistic Masochist : no, don’t worry, no naughty service is hiding behind this link. This is just the latest service from the very inventive darklg . Subtitled “ the site that hurts the geek ”, they randomly distribute instructions Latvia B2B List to say the least. Very funny. An example ? “ Uninstall Mozilla Firefox, and use Internet Explorer 6. No images. » graphbuzz Graphbuzz : compare the traffic of several sites/blogs based on various rankings and indices (quantcast, technorati, alexa). Unfortunately, like all sites of its kind, it uses data from sites themselves that are not precise and unreliable. Really just indicative, then. flickriverFlickRiver : another service derived from FlickR. But hard to get tired of this inexhaustible source of photos… This one offers you to view his photos in a different and quite classy way.

This Is Just the Latest Service

 Latvia B2B List
Latvia B2B List

Nice. busuuBusuu : this community language learning service is no longer in beta phase. h? I would like to continue to develop my activity, to approach new sectors of activity , cultural and artistic in particular. I would like to be able to make a campaign that people remember by saying “Hey yes,I saw Latvia B2B List, it was very nice”. Finally, what does your blog bring you? Having a blog allows me to put my completed projects online more easily and more often than on my website. I try to stick to it, although I know I don’t update it as often as other bloggers. This blog is a good way to get outside opinions on my work and break with the isolation of the freelance graphic designer, and if it brings me more new contacts, it’s only happiness ; )

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