Google Latitude: Geolocation of People via Their Mobile

The information made the rounds of the web yesterday. After hesitating to talk about it, I find it difficult to miss this info… Big brother is back! Or rather, it intensifies its presence. Google latitude indeed allows the geolocation of its contacts . In other words, enter a person’s number, you will know where they are… Integrated with Google maps, the service is compatible with Blackberries, Androids, iPods and other Portugal B2B List s . To start using it, you will need to register and then invite your contacts to do the same. Everything is free. Here is a presentation video: The concept remains quite incredible… Technological advances make it possible to go further and further, digital convergence bringing advances that one might think came out of a science fiction film of the 80s… Google latitude is of course limited in its use, it is possible to refuse to give its position.

It Is Possible to Refuse to Give

It can be very useful in multiple occasions. The prospect of being Portugal B2B List and no longer having a marked private sphere remains problematic in my opinion. One thing is certain, we have not finished being amazed. For those who wish to obtain advice relating to the confidentiality of the information given, here is a video presenting tips for better using Google latitude. Practice not to expose yourself too much … So, your opinion? Is Google going too far? Are you ready to embark on this adventure? Work from home . This is the dream of many of us! Between clichés, received ideas and real advantages, this status can indeed be enticing.

He Confidentiality of the Information

Portugal B2B List
Portugal B2B List

However, this is not a reason to give in to the sirens of easy and quick money… Many unscrupulous companies have indeed set up organized scams. More or less legal, their sales processes are to their sole advantage. The discourse is well established: earn money quickly and easily without Portugal B2B List, sex and origin. These are of course good plans not to be missed, so advantageous that you have to rush on them before the others notice. If this type of scamsscare away most people, some may fall into the trap: low morale, demotivation in the search for employment, urgent need for cash flow… So many factors that can make the worst charlatans look like your savior.

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