Google Is Your Friend – Continued

Obviously, the release of Let me Google that for you a few days ago inspired more than one. As proof, two equivalent services have just been created. The principle is the same: having a tool to make your interlocutors understand that sometimes a Google search is enough to answer their existential questions. Google is your friend The site allows you to Poland B2B List own queries and get a direct link to it. The search will then be performed in front of the person to whom you send it. As a bonus, a few explanatory sentences in case she didn’t understand. Via PapyGeek This one is less successful graphically but works exactly on the same principle.

The Principle Is the Same

A little more all the same: you can shorten the URL provided (to leave a little mystery to the clicker) via the excellent Minorly service developed by DarkLG . Via AccessOweb Poland B2B List tools, no more excuses possible. If someone around you  asks you a question that is too simple, they will know who to turn to! The Lip Dub craze continues.

After taking the web by storm more than a year ago, one would have thought that the phenomenon would run out of steam. We have to believe that no, many videos are still uploads regularly.

For those who don’t know the concept. it’s about staging the Poland B2B List of a company . the students of a school or the members of an association in a playback clip . Choreography, sequence shot, continuous movement…

We Have to Believe That

Poland B2B List
Poland B2B List

Everything is good to inject energy and stand out from the others. Proof of the magnitude of the movement . even the Mede has made one. lip dub logo As with any good  Internet meme . an event is organized to establish its notoriety. The first Corporate Lip Dub Festival is schedules for December 12 in Nice. On the program, projections on a giant screen, an award ceremony and various activities. The totu is organizes by the Business Forum . You can already view the registered lipdubs.

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