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The table above does not present the full picture of search. As it does not include search across Lebanon Mobile Number other media such as voice search. Nor does it cover searches performed within apps. Nevertheless, it shows that google image search is a huge part of overall search. Yet it seems that those who post images often overlook ways to use images. To show up in search results or drive traffic to their sites. A simple test shows how Lebanon Mobile Number many opportunities are lost. Any google search for img_xxxx where the x stands for a number between 1 and 9,999 averages around 200,000 results. Click on the image tab to view google image search results. Which also display countless images tagged with the name of the raw data file.

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The search for img_9998 or any other auto-generated name is actually never done. But a massive amount Lebanon Mobile Number of data is downloaded this way. The image below is a google image search result for img_9998 and depicts a product from a retail store that sells shoes. Apparel and accessories from over 100 brands. The image filename Lebanon Mobile Number could have described the product as casual shoes. Or promoted the store’s brand or increased traffic to its page by users searching for the fred perry 1934 collection. Instead, it appears as a result for a request that would never be entered.

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Lebanon Mobile Number
Lebanon Mobile Number

So those images that are named by the default raw. Filename are essentially untagged. And the Lebanon Mobile Number filename is just one example of how images are often overlooked in search optimization. Although google may analyze the surrounding content and index the image in that context. Not providing google with additional data that it Lebanon Mobile Number can use to determine. The relevance of the image to search queries is a wasted opportunity. To promote a brand, product, person, event or service.

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