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Therefore, micro influencers: these have up to 100.000 followers. and per post you can earn between 100 to 500 dollars. Macro influencer: here we enter a strong category. which has between 100.000 and 1.000.000 followers. with income between 5.000 and 10.000 dollars per post. Mega influencer: With more than 1.000.000 followers. mega influencers can generate income ranging from 1.500. 10.000 and up to 50.00 dollars per publication. On the other hand. in recent years we have witnessed the birth of profiles or pages about pets. animals that. in other words. lead a peculiar lifestyle. Nowadays. it is very common to find profiles on Instagram of dogs. cats. etc..

Where we see images or videos sharing some moments of the life of said pets. This has given rise to a new trend called “Dogfluencer”. What is a Dogfluencer and how do brands approach them? In simple words. it is a puppy that has its own profile on social networks and that. in addition. has thousands of followers. sometimes many more than several influencers. Its wide community of followers and the originality of its content have made several brands turn to dogfluencers and use them for their marketing strategies. Each of these influencer dogs help companies to promote their products with the certainty that this content will be seen by thousands of people every day.

Although It Is Likely That

One accesses the dogfluencer for a matter of taste for pets Macedonia phone number  it also happens that. without knowing it. we could be facing the announcement of a brand that has decided to bet on pets to promote itself. Here we present a list of seven of the dogfluencers that have the most followers and. consequently. that are most sought after by brands: 01.Doug the Pug This pug named “Doug” has 3.9 million followers and his content on networks has caused a great furor. 02. tunamelts my heart This puppy named “Tuna” has 2.1 million followers on his main profile. As if that were not enough. he has another exclusive profile to create content about his travels.

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Norbertthedog This puppy has 829 thousand followers on his Instagram profile. 04. bertiebertthepom This Pomeranian was born in 2013 and currently has 441 thousand followers on Instagram. 05. popeyethefoodie “Popeye” is the name of this puppy that has 408 thousand followers on Instagram. His content is based on content about his visits to #petfriendly restaurants. 06.elvis_thefrenchbulldog This French bulldog is called “Elvis” and has 213 thousand followers on his Instagram profile. In his photos. he is always accompanied by his best friend “Coco”. 07. oliverthedogx “Oliver” is from Norway and currently exceeds 105 thousand followers on Instagram. Each of these profiles.

Among Many Others That

Exist on different platforms. are ideal for brands to position themselves with their marketing strategies. The accounts dedicated to creating content about pets. be it puppies or cats. Are practically a sure success. thanks to the sympathy they generate immediately with the audience. This trend can earn up to $16.000 per photo. according to The Dog Agency. which is in charge of recruiting the most famous dogfluencers. Loni Edwards. Founder and CEO of The Dog Agency. has mentioned that. to be part of the agency. the profiles that want to join must have. A minimum of 50 thousand followers. Currently. More than 120 million such publications can be found and. The Dog Agency has more than 150 profiles or clients who can earn up to 16 thousand dollars per photograph.

Influencer children are also followed by brands Without a doubt. It is an attractive and fun way for companies to bet on promoting themselves in this type of content. Nowadays. everything can be used by brands for their marketing. Another phenomenon that attracts attention is child influencers. An industry that is capable of generating up to 26 million dollars. A year through advertising and the exchange of sponsored content. This particular topic has even opened the debate on child exploitation in. Social networks due to the pressure exerted on the child influencer to upload specific content immediately.

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