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A priori , the very concept of “funnel” tells us that fewer elements will come out of the process than those that entered.

Sales pipeline steps

In order to obtain a structured, orderly and reliable sales pipeline process, it is necessary to comply with some basic steps that will be part of the process.

Now, it is important to clarify that a sales pipeline can vary from strategy to strategy, or even from product to product. Therefore, a detailed analysis of the phases for each action is necessary.

Here are the fundamental steps of the sales pipeline:

  • First contact : which makes up the process of attracting the lead and
  • the sales representative begins the path to conversion through calls, emails, messaging or any other means in order to establish the first communication.
  • Qualification : just like in a sales funnel, within the sales pipeline
  • it is necessary to understand if this contact needs the product or service you offer, if they can buy it and if it is the right time for it; which requires a qualification process .
  • Proposal : Once qualified, your interest will have been demonstrated,
  • so the next step requires the submission of a proposal to start converting the sale based on a value delivery.
  • Negotiation : where a balance is found between the needs of the
  • lead and the expectations of your business in terms of profits, relationship, feedback, among others.
  • Closing : which requires the completion of
  • the sales Northeast Mobile Phone Number List process and the beginning of post-sale and customer loyalty efforts.

However, we remind you that each company, product line or

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item may be different when it comes to creating a sales pipeline. So follow these recommendations to design yours.

How to create a sales pipeline?

Knowing the most important concepts and data of what a sales pipeline is, we have no choice but to show you how to create your own flow.

Take note!

1. Design the stages

For starters, it’s worth creating stages tailored to your specific needs rather than copying a template.

Remember that the purpose of all this is that your potential consumer can go through your project to close the sale effectively.

To do this: create a flow that goes from the first contact to the customer’s decision; where you can use a model like the one we described in the previous segment.

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