Game of the 7 Families Applied to the Blogosphere

To begin this overview of employment blogs in the North , congratulations to Seb for his new job in a home help association. Northern bloggers love travel . Benoit encourages geographical mobility to develop his career. You may be familiar with the “Working and Holiday” visa , which Croatia B2B List people aged 18 to 30 to go to Australia and finance their trip there through odd jobs. Steph tries the adventure and will leave for a few months in the land of kangaroos. Corentin offers a small exercise , always useful, to improve on Excel.

Leave for a Few Months in the Land

The question of the month is asked by Baghdad. He wonders what kind of the term PC is, expect some somewhat atypical responses . Finally, let’s end by wishing a good return to the platform to Francine after 18 months of absence. blog review What’s new on the Croatia B2B List blog platform ? Expert opinions with in particular Catherine’s post. She compares certain aspects of life to a deck of cards. Do not hesitate to reveal all your assets ! In this month of February, bloggers from ParisJob shared stories and experiences. Jean-Paul talks about the importance of the job interview. Others prefer to tell their travels . Carole presents the beautiful city of Vienna in Austria. Finally, don’t hesitate to give yourself a few moments of relaxation . Cats have always been excellent sources of funny videos.

He Wonders What Kind of the Term

Croatia B2B List
Croatia B2B List

Valérie presents a cat crazy about pineapple. Finally, after 6 months of absence, we wish a good return to Chloé.If we see it half full we say to ourselves that we are authorized to adopt an original research approach… and that the best way if we are thirsty is still for the master of the house to come and serve us and tell us where the bottles are stored… The idea is therefore to get out of the pile of Croatia B2B List on the desk of the recruiter and to go frankly. Young graduates are so numerous and their backgrounds are so “similar” that there is inevitably a dehumanization in the processing of their application. So it’s a little wink, “since you have to sell yourself” and let’s take it literally and sell our brains! (Some having a more advantageous packaging than others may consider selling other parts of their anatomy…buymybreast…buymy…well, I’ll let you invent yours). The advantage of BuyMyBrain is that the “concept” can be declined, the site is a first hook, the blog tries to go further,

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