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We want to generate a connection with our prospective

students and above all we want to position the Autonomous

University of Guadalajara as one of the best in Mexico in each and every one of its faculties.


So, would you say that it has more to do with engagement and branding in the case of the UAG?

If it has to do with engagement and branding but it also has

a lot to do with leading, because, well, if I don’t have students

I won’t have any engagement, so they go very hand in hand. I Namibia Phone Number would tell you that they are the same priorities, only that the weighting does change according to

the process of purchasing our product, which are bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, primary, secondary, kindergarten.

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Everything adapts to the purchase process.

That’s when I tell you: “ok, here we are interested in doing more branding, here we are not interested in generating a purchase or an enrollment, here we are interested in publicizing our university or here we are interested in publicizing a specific career. There it does depend each month and year on the purchasing process of our market.


In other words, is the strategy being adjusted according to what the university needs?

Yes, exactly, because we respond to the needs of the market, and the university’s own needs have a lot to do with the market and the purchasing process of each one.

We do have very clear objectives and we

have a strategy, but we have to be reviewing the market and how it works to adjust our strategy, especially in digital communication, [because] things change from one day to the next and then I couldn’t tell you another secret formula. to be reviewing your market every day, putting yourself in the shoes of your prospects to meet the needs they are having at that time.

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