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Contains favorite emoticons and includes millennials. and can go as high as 70 percent when it comes to Gen Z. emoji for sales Adobe’s investigation. of course. yielded more details on this. For example. 47 percent of respondents said they are more likely to reply to messages as long as they contain emojis. On the other hand. 51 percent of users mentioned that they feel closer to brands when they use these figures in their ads. Another of the data it collects is that 50 percent of the participants revealed that it is easier for them to “Like” or “Like”. comment or share. if an emoji is included. Almost half of the respondents. 46 percent.

Confessed that they would follow the brands’ social networks if they used emoticons. As for the so-called Generation Z sector surveyed. 49 percent said they prefer customer service centers to use emojis in chat or email when they start a conversation. Although these data do not represent the whole of society and do not reveal conclusive data. it is to be considered that. at least the participating users. think that the use of emojis by brands in their communication strategy is very relevant. In these times when we are in constant communication through any messaging service. more and more emojis are being added to express a feeling and make the interaction more “intimate” or “closer”.

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More sales and links with customers – Adobe New emojis Nigeria phone number  These are some of the candidates to join in 2021 Twitter wants to copy Facebook emojis but could. Shoot itself in the foot The Classic of Legends reminded us of the rivalry between the most important Spanish soccer teams. On and off the pitch. This July 20. the Clásico de Leyendas was held . Where iconic players from the Barcelona and Real Madrid teams were seen facing each other again in a meeting where. Nostalgia marketing fulfilled its function and touched the hearts of its followers. According to the AS media . The rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona began from the beginning of the teams. Who met for the first time in the Copa del Rey in 1916 and. Throughout their history have managed to face each other 244 times.

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With 95 wins for Real Madrid. 95 for Barcelona and 52 draws. Off-field rivalry According to data provided by Statista in its ranking of the soccer teams with the highest brand value in the world. Real Madrid leads the list with 1.419 million euros. On the other hand. its classic rival is behind it. ranking second. Position with 1.413 million euros. making a very small difference. This rivalry is not only found in its brand value. but also in the number of fans; Mundo Deportivo informs. Us in another ranking about the teams with the most followers on social networks that these two. Teams are once again dominating over the other international teams. Real Madrid beat Barcelona againin this classification.

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Million followers on social networks. of which 110.9 are on Facebook. 94.5 on Instagram. 35.7 on. Twitter. 6.2 on YouTube and 4.2 on Tik Tok. In contrast. FC Barcelona has a total of 248 million followers on its social networks. including 103.2 users following. The team on Facebook. 92.5 on Instagram. 35 on Twitter. 10.7 on Youtube and 6.6 on Tik Tok. Soccer icons reflected in sales Both teams’ sales of their. Players’ shirt sales over time have shown how far fans can go to feel part. Of the team and show their support for the most iconic players. To give us an idea. The El Mundo site shows us that in 2007. the shirt of the icon Ronaldinho represented 60% of Barcelona’s total merchandising sales .

Cinco Días comments on the case of Real Madrid with the arrival of David Beckham since in the same year of 2007. The club increased its sales since the player’s arrival to the team. managing to raise them up to 60% in merchandising . Just six months after his arrival. a million t-shirts with the German’s name on the back were sold. With the figures presented we can realize how much an icon of such magnitude. Influences the number of sales that a product can achieve. And we have only shown you a little of what two players from different teams were capable of. How far can football icons go in the fans Over the years in the Barcelona and Real Madrid teams.

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