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Therefore, also the workplace of the author of the TFM – has adapted the contents for create an exhibition with their respective catalog. tfm history humanities uoc aerodrome The publication. entitled Valencian Aerodromes of the Civil War. Scenarios. elements and memory of a network for the defense of the territory . introduces aviation and the fields in the war scenes where it most influenced the unfolding of the conflict. The second and main chapter delves into the diversity of elements of the camps (command and guard posts. barracks. shelters. powder magazines. hangars. etc.) through their typologies.

However, the chapter concludes with a heritage list of the preserved elements. their state of conservation and the recovery projects carried out. For its part. the exhibition focuses its vision on the presentation of the fields and on the war scenes around the aerodromes and aviation. adding to each itinerancy a monograph of the place . It is structured through panels that combine text. documentation and historical and current photography. as well as large format images. The exhibition. inaugurated in Llíria in October 2018. has toured other towns such as Valencia. Requena. Petrer and Castellón. Currently and until May 30. the exhibition is in Onil.

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After that,  will be El Toro (August). Monòver (November) and Elda Bosnia and Herzegovina phone number  to which new stops will be added. As a culmination. a monographic website of Valencian Aerodromes is also being prepared. Franco’s purge in the BCN City Council. a formula to transform the administration with the policy of the new regime On a day like today 80 years ago. on April 1. 1939 . General Francisco Franco claimed that he had ended the war with an official document. On the occasion of the official date of the end of the Spanish Civil War. we retrieve the thesis of Marc Gil. Professor of Arts and Humanities at the UOC . published by Eumo Editorial and recognized by the “Serra d’Or” Critics’ Research Award 2018 (Humanities).

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For instance, which analyzes and delves into how the new Franco regime was established in the public institution. specifically in Barcelona City Council. Below you will find a video with the various strategic stages of the first Franco regime to purge the civil service and how through these practices it becomes a structure “addicted” to the regime. – Barcelona at the service of the New State. Debugging in the City Council during the first Franco regime After the end of the Spanish Civil War. a series of strategies were carry out in Barcelona City Council by the Franco dictatorship. in order to create a hierarchical structure in favor of the Franco regime. Marc Gil’s thesis helped to recover the files of the Francoist purge of municipal officials in Barcelona . About a year ago.

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In addition, approved the cancellation of the municipal files. Of civil servants that were process under the Franco law of 1939. We share a video by Marc Gil where he explains the process of the Francoist purge in Barcelona. Franco’s purge at Barcelona City Council – Interview with Marc Gil. Professor at the UOC Department of Arts and Humanities. By Jaume Claret. Professor of Arts and Humanities at the UOC “Perhaps the great clashes had ended. But the conflict survived through the repression of the dictatorship. And especially the struggle for control of the story .” The communiqué signed on April 1. 1939 by General Francisco Franco stated that “today. the Red Army.

Captive and unarmed. has achieved its latest military objectives. The war is over. ” Perhaps the great warlike clashes were over. but the conflict survived through. The repression practiced by the dictatorship and especially. Through the struggle for control of the narrative . franco donostia 1939 end of the Spanish Civil War Donostia. 1939 | Marine Fund. Pascual Marin. From the outset. there were many publications that. From both sides. tried to fix their version. The best known. and disseminated thanks to its promotion by the Franco regime . Were the eight volumes of the History of the Spanish Crusade (1938-1942) direct by journalist Joaquín Arrarás .

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