Festival of Color: 5 Sites to Play With Colors

Like almost every day (see the World Day website ), we have something to celebrate today. It would become almost boring… Fortunately, the theme for November 20 is colorful (it’s the case to say so). Coincidence or not, the day of Google’s announcement to put color in Gmail is also the day of the c Bahrain B2B List . This last part on the idea of ​​“ mobilizing communities, businesses, media and individuals and raising funds for the children of Unicef ”. Nice idea, right?

The Day of the Color Festival

To participate, you can make a donation , apply make – up , join the event at Place de la Concordeor give your comments and suggestions on the site. We will once again regret the Bahrain B2B List of the operation (this is a first that only takes place in the capital), but it is up to you to bring the concept home! You will learn more on the Color Party website and blog. To celebrate the event as it should be (we really need colors in the greyness of the coming winter), I offer you a retrospective of 5 tools made to play with colors. Good (re)discovery! pic2colorPic2color : this service allows you two things.

We Will Once Again Regret

Bahrain B2B List
Bahrain B2B List

First, it extracts the colors present in any image and gives you the corresponding hexadecimal codes. This will facilitate some creations and harmonizations. You can then retouch your images by assigning them the color code of another image. The results are really nice. More information on how to extract colors from an image with Pic2color i like your colorsI like your colors : the principle is the same as pic2color, Bahrain B2B List this service allows you to extract the colors of a web page from its URL. This is no reason to plunder other people’s creations, but it can be a good source of inspiration. like a 2.0 work of art Color PickR lets you search FlickR based on color. The results will all be in the same shade. It’s perfectly successful.

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