Example of Digital Identity Management: Émilie Ogez

For this penultimate contribution to the special digital identity week , I am pleased to give the floor to Emilie Ogez . Very active on the web, you can find her contributions on many blogs (including Emilie Ogez News ), follow her tweets or discover her slides . Currently Dubai Business Fax List & Marketing Manager for XWiki , she explains in this post the construction of her digital identity . An instructive example: she has succeeded in becoming essential on her favorite subjects in less than 3 years. Better still, this omnipresence is at the origin of her last hiring. Good reading ! My name is Emilie Ogez . I am a blogger and Marketing and Communication Manager at XWiki . In 2006, nobody knew me.

You Can Find Her Contributions

Finally, let’s say that a search for ” Émilie Ogez ” in Google returned only a few results, at best, a few links to the articles I had published as part of my PhD in computer science and a profile on LinkedIn (created precisely for keep in touch with the researchers, doctoral students… met during my thesis, and mostly English-speaking). At the end of 2006, I arrived at Hemisphere (later acquired by ITS Group). At the time, blogs Dubai Business Fax List unknown to me. I discovered Web 2.0 thanks to a few friendly “enlightened” people (I say thank you to them) and I have a passion for the tools, the sites, the practices… We can’t imagine that it could exist… until someone initiates you, opens the doors to a fabulous (but not magical either) world.

I Have a Passion for the Tools

Dubai Business Fax List
Dubai Business Fax List

Anyway… that’s not the subject of the article. They wonder in particular whether we should not introduce the right to lie and the right to use tools to block spyware and personal data aggregation tools put in place by certain companies, “services” or administrations whose the job is Dubai Business Fax List in our personal data. This would protect oneself and decriminalize defending oneself . A project is currently under study in England. This would involve integrating Twitter, blogging and social networks into the curriculum for primary school students.

Is such an initiative necessary? Young people don’t need a teacher to teach them how to use the internet. Rather , they need access to the Internet to learn on their own. Dubai Business Fax List, it would be interesting to force teachers and politicians to use the Internet. They are in a strong position, hold the power, and many have no idea what the Internet is. Yet they make decisions that will have an impact on Internet users. On the legislative side, and in relation to the digital divide, it would also be interesting to give all children the possibility of having access to a computer and to training if they need it.

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