Examination of the Hadopi Law in the National Assembly

The information is in one of many newspapers (Liberation or Le Telegrammed to name but a few). It is today that the “ Creation and Internet ” bill will be examined by the National Assembly . This should lead to the creation of a High Authority for the dissemination of works and the protection of USA B2B List Internet (Hadoop). Already delayed since January due to schedule overload, rumors are already circulating about a possible new postponement or a late evening review.

His Should Lead to the Creation

Christine Albanol, Minister of Culture, scours the media to evangelize the crowds. Last night on the set of the Grand Journal, this morning on RMC, she sees in this law a necessary remedy to fight against piracyand promote legal offers such as Deezer which remunerate artists. Downloaders USA B2B List to be evil hackers anymore, just netizens whose bearings have become hazy and deserve some oversight. The blogosphere is strongly opposed to this law. What about traditional media and major web players? Challenges remains neutral, briefly explaining the bill. Some are more pedagogical, like The new obs which offers many keys to understanding the project: the main provisions, the mobilization of Internet users or even some figures on the music industry.

Last Night on the Set of the Grand

USA B2B List
USA B2B List

La Tribune also does in-text explanation. Media part chose another medium to popularize the text : a video entitled The Hadopi law explained to my Peer (to peer). The tone is already more engaged.Sylvain will soon finish his training as a developer-integrator, he is now looking for an internship. The network remains one of the best ways to (re)find a job. Pascale confirms it to us. The first response receives by Eric was negative, so do not be discourages. Philippe also encourages us to no longer speak of crisis , but of hope. Eric makes a complete presentation of the trade of VRP in renewable energies. A position that is set to develop. Holger puts forward a testimony about the status of auto-entrepreneur.. He has already won over USA B2B List in a short time. Been to Diigo? This bookmarking service can be very practical for monitoring or collaborative work. Gregory tells us more. Monitoring and bookmarking still with Lionel, who chose Yoolink. All you have to do is choose! Finally, Jean-Daniel continues to delight us with his reviews of concerts , such as that of Michele Rabia, Maryline Crispel and Vincent Courtois at Pôle Sud. To live as if you were there

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