Environment, Graphic Arts and the Internet: Job Blogs in the West

Good news, spring is coming! Julie illustrates it with a bouquet of snowdrops. The month of March was marked by Women’s Day. Marie deals with the various world events around this day. Need advice and expert advice ? Agnès develops the challenges of a company’s CANADA B2B List strategy. Myjobmag presents an association for the development of the individual within organizations. Franck shares both his experiences with DAO and the Wii game console. And the Internet in all this? Morever introduces the digital identity. For her part, Carole gives some advice to manage it as well as possible. Always around the web, Jihéle shares his vision of blogs. Cmrl wonders about certain dangers on the web. Graphic art has inspired western bloggers.

The Challenges of a Company

Anthony has hijacked some masterpieces of painting. Isa presents the creations of  designers. Malory exhibits one of his sketches made in photoshop. moreover , Clemmunicante reveals some shots of Nantes at sunset. In terms of the environment , Teamlog is CANADA B2B List travel plan: “I go to work by bike. Greg explains one of the proposals of the Grenelle of the environment: the highways of the sea. On the relaxation side , Cécile relays a video grouping together the 20 famous Mac Vs Pc pubs. Nicolas introduces us to a 100% French humor video site, However guaranteed laughs. To recover from your emotions, there’s nothing like the delightful new episode of the funny job blog’s collaborative saga.When looking for photos or videos , The Creations of Two Talented.

Two Talented and Original Graphic


However , the multi-site search engines are numerous and offer quality results. In one click, you can access the results of many sites and thus vary your sources a little. Hard indeed to criticize the hegemony of some if we do not ourselves take the step of going to see what is happening CANADA B2B List . On the photo side, we already knew Everystockphotos and the Creative Commons engine . On the video side, VideoFetcher and Videosurf do the job very well. Spffy does both. Two new websitesare arriving in this area: Owaks and Tagbulb. Owaks Owaks lets you search over 162 million videos . It is available in French and English. Dailymotion, Yahoo, Myspace, Youtube or even Myvideo are part of the index. Difficult to make simpler in the presentation.

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