Envelope Sizes: Size and Usage

This is precisely the time when you need to know the various envelope formats . If once the different types of envelopes that could be used were taken for granted, and their dimensions, today they are not so obvious. It is no coincidence that we are frequently asked which envelope formats can I use so lets answer this question right away before going into detail. Contents hide 1 letter envelope sizes 2 american size 3 other formats 4 quality of envelopes 5 envelopes on 4graph sizes of letter envelopes when you have to send a letter, there are many formats available with different dimensions. Dl c3 c4 c5 c6 if you feel confused in front of this set of letters and numbers, a small general rule can help you remember the size of the formats.


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The smaller the number next to the letter , the larger the image manipulation service envelope size . American size american size envelope the most widely used envelope format of all is the american size. What in the previous list is identified as dl. It is the envelope used in the commercial field. The classic envelope that you receive in your mailbox when the classic advertising messages. Are delivered. The great practicality of this envelope is its size and the possibility of containing an a4 sheet folded in three on itself.

But what are the dimensions of the american format the dl envelope measures 11cmx22cm . Other formats envelope formats it is true that the american format is the most used, but the other larger formats can also. Be useful, or the c6 which is the smallest of all. Lets see the dimensions of each format c6 11.4 × 16.2cm c5 16.2 × 22.9cm c4 22.9 × 32.4cm c3 32.4 × 45.8cm now that we have seen the technical numbers, lets see in practice what you can send with these types of envelopes.

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Envelopes c6 can hold one a4 sheet folded in UAB Directory four. But not only printed sheets, you can use it to send small objects, for example. With the c5 format you can fold an a4 sheet in half or a whole a5 sheet. It is often used for mailing small magazines or greeting cards. In a c4 envelope you can insert a full a4 sheet and it is suitable for sending newspapers. To your subscribers without having to fold them. Envelope c3 is the largest envelope, contains a full a3 sheet and is used for sending books. Quality of envelopes in full line with the ecological transition we have been facing in recent years, we have. Long since decided to adopt a green line, as our plantasia magazine also demonstrates . Living up to our promises, we make envelopes in usomano paper with pefc® certification.

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