Emphasize The Main Features Greece Phone Number

Think about the most important features of your product that sells it. Don’t list everything exactly. Also, don’t make it too obvious. Some products do not require long explanations. Balance overstatement and overstatement.

UNIQLO product / delivery / return details
Source: Uniqlo

For example, if you sell black T-shirts for women, there’s not much you can explain.

Check out the screenshot above UNIQLO – the photo speaks for itself. It also has basic information (materials, care instructors, instructions, shipping information). The T-shirt description is short, highlighting the most important features, and bulleted and easy to read.

Don’t use clichés like “This is the highest quality”. Instead, point out why your product is the best and list the benefits it brings to your customers. Then Greece Phone Number they will understand for themselves that your product is good.

Crocs Classic Clog Product Description
Source: Crocs

Crocs lists their best quality. But focus your attention on how they do it. As you can see from the screenshot above, Crocs is waterproof, comfortable, quick-drying and easy to clean.

But do you know the humor they use when listing all these great features? It is said to be “water-friendly” rather than boring “waterproof”. Not only do you like them, you also “fall in love”. And the cute thing is that they are “fun to wear”.

4. Maintain brand voice and style
When creating a product description, make sure it doesn’t sound fake. The description should sound like the voice of your brand. The product content you create must follow all of your brand philosophy, design, and style.

Use your own brand language.


Greece Mobile NumberTherefore, customers can easily recognize and “listen” to you. Does your brand use humor? Is your brand casual or business oriented? Can you describe your product in a creative way, or should you follow strong rules?

Asos product description using brand voice and style
Source: Asos

Asos is renowned for describing its products in a humorous and creative way. This is their style. As you can see from the example above, boots are “worthy of planning”.

Asos Design Full Cropped Tank Product Description

Source: Asos

Another good example of Asos is the fluffy cropped top “already in the spotlight”. All you need to do is select a normal size.


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